Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweet as Pie: And roasted Chicken with Cheesy Herbed Potatoes

When I first read this recipe, I thought it was going to be harder than it actually was.  

I diced the red potatoes and put them in a microwave safe bowl with some chicken broth, set for 13 minutes and was good to go!
When the potatoes were done, I added the cheese and chives. The recipe called for fresh chives.  However, I don't cook with fresh herbs a lot, so often, they end up going bad. Therefore, I just went with dried chives.
Well the potatoes were cooking, I heated up the oil until it was just starting to smoke.
I browned the chicken for five minutes.  I then covered the pan and let the chicken cook for the next 18 minutes.
When the chicken was done, I drained the fat, cooked onions instead of shallots, and thickened up the sauce.  Once the sauce was done thickening, I added cheese and chives to it as well. Then, drizzled the sauce over both the potatoes and the chicken.  The only complaint out of this dish was from my husband who doesn't like any chunks in his mashed potatoes. I like a little bit of chunk in my mashed potatoes, so he had to adjust :-). The next time, I may try to get the mashed potatoes a little creamier. Loved the cheese sauce on top of everything!