Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disney- Day 5

We spent the morning at Animal Kingdom and we loved seeing the monkeys... riding Everest a few times never hurt either :)

HAS's first pin trading experience
I HATE bats

HAS trying to hold her hand... so cute !!!
One of my favorite pictures taken during the trip... all of the boys are looking at the camera and smiling. This is the first year we tried Chef Mickey's... a very dear friend of mine mentioned it. We liked it a lot.

We also celebrated Jamie's birthday...
LPS nose dives into his birthday cupcake...

Still loving the cupcake :)
HAS and LPS had been to swimming lessons and now HAS is counting to 3 and jumping in.
here he goes...
these were from 2 different jumps... but here is my no fear baby (He's 2 and a half here)
Just keep swimming.... just keep swimming....

Disney - Day 4

We spent the morning at the Animal Kingdom.
Outside the Rainforest Cafe. We didn't eat here... we were just waiting on the Cheeks.
Looking at the flowers.
The Hippos are my favorite animal.
HAS hanging out of the safari looking for all of the animals. He loved it.
The Lions in the Animal Kingdom
Daddy with the two youngest as we wait for the Lion King.

For the afternoon, we were planning on going to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but it was calling for 80% chance of heavy thunderstorms. I was freaking out b/c everything is outside. David and Chris went to the ticket office and they moved our Halloween tickets to Thursday night. I was thrilled, so Judy, Jamie and I went shopping at Downtown Disney for the evening, while David and Chris kept the boys. We had fun :)

Disney- Day 3

Riding Peter Pan
Buzz Lightyear
JMS and my nephew on Buzz Lightyear
LPS Loved the fireworks
The castle at dusk
Watching the fireworks.
He was exhausted... love his hand in the cheerio container..
Walking to the ferry...
I LOVE this picture of David and HAS

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 2

The boys are ready to tackle Magic Kingdom!!!Front of the Magic Kingdom

We are getting ready to enter the Magic Kingdom for the first time this trip :)
I love the Magic Kingdom and it was especially awesome decked out for Halloween...

HAS outside of Dumbo
We went to get the boys haircut. This is the same woman who gave HAS his first haircut a year and a half ago.
He cheered up...
Now, she is giving LPS his first haircut, but he is sleeping against my chest.
Grandma with two of her boys
Finishing the haircut
Waking up... where am I mom?

LPS's first haircut
Earned his "ears"
These will be our Halloween costumes on Tuesday.
Waiting for the characters... a friend told me that there was a special place at Hollywood Studios where you could see lots of characters around 5 pm
Chip and Dale
The Incredibles
Grandma with LPS and JMS
Hunter is dancing !!!
Tired at the end of a long night!!!