101 Things in 1001 Days

I have two very dear friends that have compiled similar lists.  One of them did hers in 2009 and the other one is just now starting her list.  I was inspired, so I started creating my own list.  Some of these were my own ideas and some were ideas that I saw on other peoples list.  I am a person who LOVES to mark things off a list, so we'll see how it goes.  I wanted to get started right away, but I wasn't finished with my list... I will add to it as I think of other things that I want to accomplish.
Start Date:  January 17, 2012
End DateOctober 14, 2014

1.  Camp at Disney (Done 12/13)
2.  Run a 5k (1/13/2013)
3.  Run a 10k (Done 2/2014- Princess Enchanted 10K)
4.  Walk a half marathon (2/24/13)
5.  Take at least 3 sets of friends to the cabin (Michelle S. 3/1-3/3, Herrings November 2014, Girls Weekend March 2015))
6.  Take the boys to Yellowstone (Done July 2014)
7.  Go to Disney for an adult weekend without kids (2/21/13 - 2/15/13)
8.  Leave a 100% tip  (3/13/14)
9.  Do a family picnic at Gwinnett Braves game... Sitting in the outfield (4/5/13)
10. Scream "I'm debt free" in Dave Ramsey's lobby
11.  Visit Mayfield plant in Athens, TN (Done July 2013)
12. Finish Logan's baby book
13. Update JMS's scrapbook
14.  Update HAS's scrapbook
15.  Finish photo wall down the stairs
16.  Take a cooking class
17.  Take a cupcake/cake decorating class
18.  Finish 2010 block of the month quilt (1/29/12)
19.  Finish 2011 block of the month quilt (3/12/12)
20.  Finish 50 squares on Farmer's wife quilt
21.  Write our wills
22.  Take the kids to Atlanta Braves game - (in Arizona June 2014)
23.  Organize the shed once and for all (2/26/12)
24.  Organize the craft closet once and for all (1/23/12)
25.  Blog faithfully for a month (January 2013)
26.  Go to Charleston with David
27.  Camp at the beach  (Done April 2014)
28.  Buy a newer, larger camper (5/26/2012)
29.  Take HAS out in the canoe (JMS has already been, LPS is still too small) (6/15/12)
30.  Grow an herb… And don't kill it
31.  Give up fast food for a month (January 2013)
32.  Learn to cook a new vegetable that none of us have ever eaten… And cook it well (1/9/13)
33.  Make homemade ice cream sandwiches - (June 2015)
34.  Take a photography class (6/2/12)
35.  Make a unique birthday cake for one of the boys
36.  Lay more paneling in the attic/Organize the attic
37.  Get back in the habit of working out… At least 6 days a week for one month straight (May 7, 2012 - June 8, 2012)
38.  Take all three of the boys skiing (2/7/2013)
39.  Get a massage (July 12, 2012)
40.  Have dessert for dinner… For the entire family (2/25/12)
41.  Take the entire family to the driving range
42.  Play golf with David once a month for three months straight
43.  Create art work on canvas… Have the kids do the same
44.  Take JMS to shoot a gun
45.  Go skiing out west with just David
46.  Say yes to each of the kids one time when they ask for something… Enjoy the smile on their face (JMS- Braves Hat, HAS & LPS- Set of Matchbox cars ) (7/16/12)
47.  Implement a regular family game night/ puzzle night
48.  Sign JMS up for a cooking class (3/10/12)
49.  Visit three restaurants featured in Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (3 out of 3- Collonade, Silver Skillet, The Duece)
50.  Let JMS have a slumber party- (January 2015)
51.  Get rid of all of my baby equipment... Strollers, etc. (Done Fall 2013)
52.  Teach HAS and LPS to ride a bike (HAS- August 2012, LPS- May 2013)
53.  Paint the computer room and put up Chair railing (Done February 2014)
54.  Paint JMS's room (4/21/12)
55.  Increase life insurance and get policy in place (4/15/12)
56.  Go for a bike ride as a family once a week for a month
57.  Go to the High Museum
58.  Climb Stone Mountain as a family (3/31/12)
59.  Have a family movie night with no interruptions… Four times (2 out of 4, Nemo, Tangled)
60.  Play in the rain with the kids
61.  Implement menu planning regularly… Every week for two months… At the beginning of the week (Started 3/1/12, Completed 4/30/12)
62.  Master my own recipe for spaghetti sauce
63.  Take the boys to the circus (2/25/12)
64.  Read 101 books (101 out of 101)
65.  Go 24 hours without checking my email or Facebook (3/3/12)
66.  Go two months without any soda (Started 3/1/12, Completed 4/30/12)
67.  Take the boys to a cave (Carlsbad- June 2014, Wind Cave and Jewel Cave0 July 2014)
68.  Camp at three state parks we have not camped at  yet (Red Top Mtn. 7/13-7/15/12, Moccasin State Park 11/2 - 11/4, Watson Mill Bridge 11/9 - 11)
69.  Find 10 Geo caching hides (3/25/12)
70.  Go one week without sweets (1/6/13 - 1/12/13)
71.  Drink 64 ounces of water every day for two weeks in a row (Finished 2/22/12)
72.  Try 30 new recipes (30 out of 30, finished on 2/2/13)
73.  Start a vegetable garden with at least four plants- (at Judy's- tomatoes, peas, multiple peppers)
74.  Go to an apple orchard and pick apples with the boys
75.  Keep a gratitude journal for three months ...2 things every day
76.  Start a journal for all three of the boys
77.  Use reusable grocery bags 60 times (60 out of 60)
78.  Write 30 entries in all three journals for the boys
79.  Finish 30 pins  off of Pinterest
80.  Blog about all of the things on this list
81.  Finish this list (1/25/12)
82.  Write and mail 12 letters snail mail (4 out of 12:  Gram, Mom, Kerri, Kent, )
83.  Have the boys make homemade Valentines (2/12/12)
84.  Take the 2 little boys on a Polar Express Train at Christmas
85.  Get away for a Girl's Only Weekend (9/17/2012- 9/19/2012)
86.  Enjoy a Chocolate Fondue at Dante's Down the Hatch (5/9/2013)
87.  Take the boys camping at Stone Mountain (3/29/12-4/1/12)
88.  Take the boys to the Children's Museum  (2/2/13)
89.  Purchase a kitchen torch and use to make Creme Brulee
90.  Mince my own garlic (I've chopped it, but other than that, have bought it already minced). (4/10/12)
91.  Finish my 2012 Block of the Month quilt by 3/1/2013 (Finished 1/8/13)
92.  Finish my 2009 Block of the Month Quilt
93.  Get Family Travel Album up to Date (It currently only goes to summer 2008)
94.  Get Family Christmas Album up to Date (It currently only goes to 2007)
95. Take Just JMS to Six Flags for the Day (Done Summer 2013)
96.  Do a Rafting Trip with my College Friends
97.  Watch Gone with the Wind
98.  Read through the Entire Box of Letters to Me
99.  Find 1 thing that I want to do in Each State (3/5/2012)
100. Make Soap
101.  Take the boys to pick Peaches

I didn't finish all of these yet, but life is a set of baby steps.  I had already started my next list and I am marking some of those things off as well.  Needless to say- I am going to add those here  :)

1.  Go 6 months without fast food
2.  Go to a State I have never been to - New Mexico - May 2014
3.  Take the Boys to Cedar Point
4.  Take the Boys to Sea World
5.  Camp at 10 State Parks that we have not camped in- Tugaloo (6/8/15)
6.  Go to Okefenokee Swamp
7.  Go to Cumberland Island
8.  Take the boys on an Overnight Train Ride
9.  Use Recyclable Bags 150 times
10.  Take the Boys to the Grand Canyon- June 2015

11.  Walk a marathon with David
12.  Blog Faithfully for 6 Months (This does not mean everyday, but it does mean 25 days a month)
13.  Play Golf with David once a month for 6 months
14.  Take HAS and LPS on an adult roller coaster - Expedition Everest for Logan and Rock-n-Roller Coaster for Hunter- May 2015
15.  Hide our own Geocache and track it
16.  Try 50 New Recipes
17.  Sponsor one of Clark's Kids at Christmas and pay NO ATTENTION to Cost!!
18.  Read 20 Non Fiction Books
19.  Take the kids on a Cruise
20.  Go One Month without Sugar

21.  Take a yoga class consistently (3 times a month for 3 months)
22.  Read the Bible from Cover to Cover
23.  Make my own Candles
24.  Take the boys on a cruise
25.  Play a round of golf with just Jimmy
26.  Get Hunter Golf Lessons
27.  Sign Hunter and Logan up for Piano lessons
28.  Take the kids skiing for a long weekend
29.  Run a 5K as a family
30.  Renaissance Festival

31.  Take the boys to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC- April 2015
32.  Go to an Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Performance
33.  Take the boys to Cagle's Dairy Farm
34.  Celebrate our Anniversary at the Sundial- December 31, 2014
35.  Help Jimmy get his Driver's License
36. Try 30 things off Pinterest
37.  Find 25 Geocaches
38.  Drink the appropriate amount of water every day for a month.
39.  Add 50 entries to each of the boys journals
40.  Have an entire weekend where we don't leave our PJ's (except for church) and we play games and have fun as a family!

41.  Family Movie Night- Uninterrupted- 10 times
42.  Finish Farmer's Wife Quilt
43.  Go 48 Hours without Checking FB or Email
44.  Go 6 months without Soda
45.  Paint Living Room
46.  Paint Basement
47.  Make Creative Easter Eggs
48.  Fix Front Porch Step
49.  Compete in an Obstacle Course Race
50.  Create something off of Pinterest for Each of the following Holidays:  (Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

51. Take the boys to a movie in the theatre
52. Grow my own tomatoes
53.  Ride the Silver Comet Trail with David
54. Take the boys to see a play
55.  Visit the Biltmore Estate

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  1. I love your one about Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We have actually done that! :) FUN!!!!!

    I am also going to reciprocal steal some of your ideas. This list of mine may well end up being 202 items before long, but I love your stuff ... now the fun will be following along with each other! Good luck!!! :)