Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 44- July 6- Gem Lake

On the way in, we had driven by a cinnamon roll place that was closed around 9 AM. This morning, we made it there early enough to get some. They were very inexpensive, but unbelievably gooey and delicious.
According to AllTrails, the Gem Lake hike was the number one rated hiking in the Rockies, so we decided to give it a try.  It starts in Estes Park city, but then about a half mile into the trail – we cross into Rocky Mountain national Park.
Lots of rock climbing equals happy boys.
There were several views of both Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains as we drove along. It was also very cool to be able to look back across the valley and see Kruger rock – a hike we did a few days ago.
We were a little bit disappointed with Gem lake once we got there – the lake was not very big, not surrounded by mountains, and not a great color.
Although – there were plenty of chipmunks and David was able to skip a rock all the way across the lake.

Lots of rock climbing on the way down as well.

After that, we went back to the campground and moved the campers over to Glacier Basin campground. We were unable to get the same site for five nights or even at the same campground.

After that, we decided to drive back up Trail Ridge Road on the east side of the park because when we came back down the first day, it was overcast and rainy. 

We turned the corner at the top of Trail Ridge Road and saw this beautiful herd of elk.  We counted about 80-90 of them and there were probably 20 calves.

We hiked a few short hikes up over the tundra.  It was very cold and windy, but beautiful.  

Notice the hammocks in the background as well!
Mom and dad were going for a walk and saw this beautiful bull elk by the campground.  We walked down and someone told us that he was there every night around dusk.  We will try to see this guy again.

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