Saturday, July 15, 2017

Day 53 – July 15 – Going Home

We originally had Mammoth Cave on our itinerary, but we did not purchase the tickets for the tour that we wanted to see.  With that being said, when we checked on the tours, they were sold out and we decided that we would not go now if we were unable to do the tour that we wanted to do.  Therefore, we just drove through Kentucky.
Our next plan was to go by Cummins Falls State Park in Tennessee which is a waterfall that you are supposed to be able to climb on and swim in.  However, due to lots of rain, the gorge was closed so you could not hike down into it.  That was scratched off of our agenda for the time being.  At this point, David decided that we were going to make it all of the way home.  We did get this good picture in the hills of Tennessee before we headed home.  

It turns out that no amount of screaming or throwing a fit was going to change the fact that vacation was ending.  It is hard to complain though-  not many people get to experience what we have gotten to experience this summer.    We arrived home at midnight.  While my bed and my shower feel great and I am fantastic to be done with pit toilets for awhile, I will miss the west immensely.  My heart longs for the mountains, the fresh air and the simpler, slower life.  

Until next time... and there will be a next time.  

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