Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 46- July 8- Cub Lake

We got up to head out for a hike at 6 AM and got a text from mom and dad saying neither of them were feeling well. David said that I broke both of them from all the hiking that we have all been doing. Needless to say, the boys and David and I headed out on a hike and saw this beautiful sunrise and picture of the clouds.
We went down to the Moraine Valley where we were going to hike Cub Lake.
After working with Mom, the boys of gotten very good at identifying types of birds and specific birds. They were very excited to see several magpies at the start of the trail.
The hike was 2.3 miles up with a 550 foot elevation change to this beautiful lake. The lake was covered in a Lillypads and it was evident that there had been a forest fire around there sometime in the recent years.

We had our picnic on the rocks as we looked at the beautiful lake with the mountains in the background.
Flowers on the lake around the Lillypads were blooming and were beautiful.
If we do not want rocks to climb on, that we want to be able to skip rocks.
When we got back, mom and I did some laundry by hand! This is not my favorite task, but we do not camp at a lot of private campgrounds with washing machine because they are outside of the national parks which is where we prefer to be. Logan even got in on the cleaning action – we were cleaning the boys socks which were totally disgusting. They may need to be thrown away when we get home :-)
After lunch, mom and I headed over to walk around Sprague lake. This used to be a resort before Rocky Mountain became a national Park. It was a hunting Village.

When we got back to the campground, mom and I took the boys down to a small river/Creek so that they could throw rocks until their heart was content. It was very cold to get in the water, but Hunter gave it a try.
The boys were able to stay up late tonight because of the elk that we had heard will continually come back to the same area between eight and 830 every night. Since it was our last night here, they were able to stay up and see if we could catch the elk – he did not fail us.

As we were standing up on the hill, safely away from him, he continue to make his way up the hill and crossed right in front of us.

You can see in this picture how close he was to the boys and my dad.

I totally love a bull elk.

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