Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 43- July 5- Sky Pond

We woke the boys up early in the morning to go out on a hike. We left the camper at 6 AM – the reward for that is seeing wildlife and having the hiking trail to yourself before the crowds of people come out. We were blessed with a cow elk first thing this morning.  You can see her over Hunter's shoulder. 
We were grateful to be able to combine three hikes into one – meaning at our first stop was a hike that we had planned on doing up to Alberta falls.
The wonderful thing about all of the hikes here is that they are all uphill – the beauty of that is that the second half of the hike is downhill. However, in order for a great reward, you have to be willing to hike upwards first.
The first lake that we came to was called The Loch.

From there, we continue to hike upward until we could look back down over the valley below and see the lake that we had already hiked to.
We had to cross a giant snowfield before we hiked up the waterfalls to get to sky Pond. This is perfect hiking for the boys and they totally loved it.

When you got to the top of the waterfalls – are you able to see you Looking Glass Lake.  This lake was beautiful in it's own right and was totally worth the hike – but not even the best part of the hike!
You hike past Looking Glass lake in order to get to Sky Pond.

This is where we decided to have lunch – I'm sure you can figure out why!
The beautiful thing about being one of the first people of the trail is you get to have a lot of the trail to yourself even as you hike back down.
Where we all are crossing the snowfield.

We had seen this tunnel going up and it looked too steep, so we decided to try it on the way back down.  Mom, Dad and I changed routes but David and the boys finished strong.  
We also saw an elk calf on our way back down.
The boys newest thing to do is to set up their hammocks as soon as we get to the new campsite. Tonight, we moved over to Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain national Park.

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