Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 45- July 7- Bear Lake

It was another early start for us – we left the campground at 6 AM to head to the Bear Lake parking lot, which typically fills by 7 AM.
The beautiful part of this was that we had Bear Lake, the most popular lake in Rocky Mount national Park, all to ourselves and were able to see the beautiful reflection in the lake.

This is Nymph Lake-  the second lake of the morning and the first lake you actually hiked up to. 

This is Dream Lake-  the third lake of the morning and the second one once you headed up the trail.
The last leg on the way at the trail was Emerald Lake – we were the first people here also. The early bird gets the worm or in our case – gets the lake to themselves! We had our snack at Emerald Lake before we headed back.

Because we were able to get on this trail so early, we were finishing a little bit early. Mom, dad and I went up to Haiyaha lake while David took the boys back to the campground. We were going to catch the shuttle back to the campground and then in the afternoon, David and I went up to Bierstadt lake. On the way to the Haiyaha lake, we were able to look back down and see Bear Lake and Nymph lake. Bear Lake is the one in the back and Nymph Lake is the one in the front.

After lunch and a nap, David and I headed up to Bierstadt lake. The first part of this trail was difficult because it was on the sunny side of an open faced hill. The good news – there was only one other person on the trail.
The view of Bierstadt lake.

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