Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 50- July 12- Colorado Springs

We started off my morning by driving up Pikes Peak. The toll highway opens at 7:30 AM and we were in line at 7:35 AM. It takes an hour to drive the 20 mile up the road. We did stop a couple places to see different things like these reservoirs.
They also have these really cool mile markers the entire way up the highway. Not all of them had the elevation listed on them, but many of them did.
The views the entire way up were amazing. We decided to get up early to go do this because the weather in Colorado is completely unpredictable – particularly in the afternoon. So far, we have spent about 14 nights in Colorado and it has rained in the afternoon at least 12 of them.
You can look back at that curvy road that we drove up.

We made it to the top!  It was very cold and windy up here.
While we were at the top, the clouds came in and it was very difficult to see. However, it was still so beautiful and surreal.

There has been evidence that big foot has crossed here.
From here, we left and went to Garden of the Gods. Here, I was reminded that some people are so unbelievably oblivious to the world around them.  The rock the boys are sitting on in the picture below is called Balanced Rock. When we arrived, there were four kids that were sitting up there eating their snack.  Typically, when we were in these touristy type of towns – people are very aware of others who are waiting in line to get similar pictures.  These two moms let their kids sit there for 10 minutes while a line formed for one of the rocks with other people who are waiting to get the same picture.
This land was bought for $22 an acre many years ago. The man who bought it envisioned that it would be a park for the city. When he died, his children donated it to the city under the condition that it would always be free to get into the park. Other conditions included the fact that there was to be no alcohol in the park and no new buildings were to be built unless it was for the betterment of the park to serve the people.
Lots of rock climbing here.

When we arrived last night and saw the parade – we hoped we were going to have the opportunity to go to the rodeo.  However, with the weather here – we hate to commit to anything because it rains every afternoon. After our adventurous morning – we headed back to the camper to take a nap.  We took a chance on going to the rodeo and are so glad that we did.
It started raining as we walked up to the rodeo, but we had covered seats – so it didn't matter. It did rain during the entire rodeo – but the boys had a fantastic time.
Bucking broncos, barrel racing, bull riding, steer wrestling, team rope tying… Even American bull fighting.  It was a great night.  On the way home, Logan told me that when he grows up he may want to ride in the rodeo.

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