Monday, July 10, 2017

Day 48- July 10- Black Canyon, Curecanti, and Great Sand Dunes

We were thrilled to start a new day at Black Canyon of the Gunnison after the long day we had driving yesterday. We wanted to get up early and do the Warner Point Trail. We were the first ones out on the trail – which if you've been following my blog long enough – you know we particularly enjoyed.
We saw a beautiful views of the canyon although we were not able to get great pictures due to the sunlight. We clearly need some photography classes.

We had grabbed some donuts yesterday and had those while we were out on the many stops across the different viewpoints at Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

The wall behind David and the boys here is called Painted Rock – which is the largest rock wall in the state of Colorado. The sun hit it perfectly and it was absolutely beautiful.

The water at the river in the bottom of the canyon drops at 95 feet per mile through the Black Canyon. That is significantly steeper than the drop in the Grand Canyon.

The boys were excited that they got to wear ranger hat during their oath of office for their Junior Ranger badge.
We left Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we drove through the Curecanti National Recreation area. If you want to discuss the beautiful things – this must be included. There are three different reservoirs with the largest being Blue Mesa reservoir. This is at least 20 miles long.  We stopped here to have lunch, but the mosquitoes tried to carry us away, so we picnicked inside the camper- the benefit of having a house on wheels.
There were several trains at one of the visitor center is that we stopped to look at.

Today, the boys took their junior ranger pledge outside while discussing the swallow population with the Ranger.
We started our morning early on our hike – so that put Logan to sleep.  I can't really blame the boys-  they have hiked over 150 miles so far this summer.
We arrived at Great Sand Dunes during a very large thunderstorm. It was really neat to see the thundering clouds roll in across the huge sand dunes

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