Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 41- July 3- Rocky Mountain National Park

We got to the visitor center around 8:30 AM and were told many of the parking lots for the trailhead were already full.  We decided from there to go ahead and do the drive of the park, getting out to make the small hikes along the way.
We stopped at Alluvial Fan and climbed around on the rocks – unfortunately, we were able to unable to cross the river.

As we were driving, we saw this furry yellow bellied marmot along the way.

At the top, we got to the Alpine visitor center which is in the alpine tundra above the tree line. The scenic road through Rocky Mountain national Park is the highest continually paved Road in the United States.
We were not dressed appropriately to do the short hike up to the top of the peak – it was freezing up there.

While cold, it was still worth the hike!
The boys were dying to see a bull elk – there is nothing like the rack on one of these guys.
Check him out – he isn't even the largest one that we saw today.
At the Alpine visitor center – mom, dad, and I hiked up to the top. The altitude got to Logan and he was not feeling well, so David stayed back with him. Below, Hunter is at 12,000 feet!
These elk or two of the bull elk that we also saw – they were unbelievably beautiful.

Once he saw the bull elk, the only thing we were missing was moose. Then, we happened along this guy. He has a small rack, but a bull moose is better than no moose.
On the way back to our side of the park, we saw this heard of six bull elk. They were frolicking and playing in the snow and grass.

We got back to the campground in time for a late dinner before we put the boys to bed.
We can't wait to get out and explore the trails of this beautiful park.

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