Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 47- July 9- Arrive at Black Canyon

We left Rocky Mountain National Park this morning after sleeping in.  We headed over the Rocky Mountains towards Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  In retrospect, we should have left this park off of our journey, but we did not.  
 Our Expedition has no problem pulling our camper in the hills on the East Coast, but it got a little overheated after a whole day of climbing the Rocky Mountains.  How fitting that we had to pull over right below this sign.
 We arrived much later than we expected, but at least we arrived :)
 We immediately saw several mule deer, an elk and lots of birds.
 This was a much better picture of the Dusty Grouse because he was standing up.
 We headed down the East Portal road which had a 16% grade.  It took you right down into the canyon and was gorgeous.

 Beautiful sunset over the canyon.
We were thrilled to have electricity for the evening especially given the fact that the temperature reached 98 degrees out here today.

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