Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Disney - Day 1

We started off the first morning at Animal Kingdom. We went with Chris and Jamie and their twins. LOVE the outfits that Jamie had the twins in.

This is LPS first trip and HAS's second trip. It is JMS's 4th trip.
The Cheeks daugheter had an egg allergy, so the chef made her her own personal waffles... shaped like Mickey Mouse!!
We were worried about how HAS would do with the characters... this is when he saw the first one. You can see the slight smile on his face.
The first character we saw was Donald Duck at Donald's Safari Breakfast at Tusker House. 
He didn't mind the characters, but she always wanted to be on the outside :)
LPS did not like them, but HAS did like the characters
The more he was around them, the more he liked them.

Daisy Duck
During the sing along, He got up and danced in the Congo line behind Daisy.
The Rhinos
Mom and HAS on the Safari Ride. He LOVED this ride.
Love this picture of the giraffe... thank you zoom lens.
Elephants :)
HAS wanted to be with the big boys... so precious!!!

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