Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 2

The boys are ready to tackle Magic Kingdom!!!Front of the Magic Kingdom

We are getting ready to enter the Magic Kingdom for the first time this trip :)
I love the Magic Kingdom and it was especially awesome decked out for Halloween...

HAS outside of Dumbo
We went to get the boys haircut. This is the same woman who gave HAS his first haircut a year and a half ago.
He cheered up...
Now, she is giving LPS his first haircut, but he is sleeping against my chest.
Grandma with two of her boys
Finishing the haircut
Waking up... where am I mom?

LPS's first haircut
Earned his "ears"
These will be our Halloween costumes on Tuesday.
Waiting for the characters... a friend told me that there was a special place at Hollywood Studios where you could see lots of characters around 5 pm
Chip and Dale
The Incredibles
Grandma with LPS and JMS
Hunter is dancing !!!
Tired at the end of a long night!!!

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