Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 3 –May 26- Oklahoma and Texas

We spent the night at Bar H Bar Campground near Seminole, OK last night.  The campground was right off of I40 which was very nice for traveling purposes.  As soon as they woke up this morning, they grabbed a football and headed outside.  I will say that it gets bright here very early- like 5 AM.  
Once we packed up, we headed across the state of Oklahoma and traveled with some pretty serious cross winds and David was very tired by the time we stopped at Washita Battlefield.  There were many of these windmills across both Oklahoma and Texas.

 General Custer was one who led the attacks on the Indians.  We did a short walk here as well with some signs that told the story.  The boys came across this windmill on the walk and loved that it also had fish in the barrel.  
There were several beautiful wildflowers around on the hike.
From there, we headed to Texas and the Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument.  This was a little bit out of the way so David didn't really want to go, but he did and we are so glad he did.  This was very beautiful in a unique ecosystem kind of way.  There are many rolling hills with huge, multi colored rocks scattered throughout.  The rocks were beautiful.  Lake Meredith used to come all the way down to the Flint Quarries, but the Lake Levels must be very low.  We drove down to the boat dock, but there was no water for any amount of distance.
Below is the panoramic view from the boat dock-  where you will note there is no water! 
Somebody was able to play today!
At the visitor center where the boys earned their junior ranger badges- they were given some flint to scrape together.  These two boys love rocks that you can climb or rocks that you can throw.  

We are headed into New Mexico.  Now, our fun will really begin!  Driving each day will drastically decrease, but oh, how we were meant to wander.  

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