Saturday, July 11, 2009

A lesson learned...

We had some friends up to the cabin for the weekend and they have 11 month old twins who tend not to be great sleepers. As the adults were chatting, we were talking about what a great sleeper HAS was... let that be a lesson to us. That night, we went to bed around 1:00 AM and he woke up at 2:30. We changed him and got him some milk and put him back down. He wanted no part in that. We tried to lay him with us (which we had never done before this day) and all he wanted to do was crawl all over us. That didn't work either... David sent me to sleep with JMS in the other room, so the pregnant lady could get a little sleep. HAS stayed awake until 4:00. He fell back asleep until 5:30 but then was up for the day. If you took his worst 10 days of sleep ever (including when he was a newborn) they were not as bad together as this one night. The good news is he was shockingly pleasant the whole next day. No one could have guessed he had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep. Note to self... don't brag about how great of a sleeper he is... Lesson Learned.


  1. Ouch. Been there done that. Never brag unless you knock on some wood! ha ha

  2. Hey! Love the new template and the pics on the side! =)

  3. I'm working on spicing it up... I had to figure it out first... a friend showed me how to get the new template from