Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#88 Take the Boys to the Children's Museum

It was a cold morning in February, so we decided to take the boys to the Children's Museum in Atlanta and then we headed to the Farmer's Market.  I love these pictures of David walking in holding both of the boy's hands.  I cherish them even more because I know they won't always do it and time is moving too quickly. 
 My two youngest boys LOVE to drive a tractor.  When we go to my grandparent's house in Ohio, my amazing grandfather allows both of the boys to steer the tractor in the pasture until their little heart is content.  This last time, HAS drove for about 45 minutes.  He didn't want to get off after that, but it was time to eat. 
 There was also a mock grocery store that the boys loved with the carts, the cash registers and the scales to weigh fruit. 
 I wish my cashier was always this cute !!!
There was a massive ball pit with many "physics-like" ways for the kids to move the balls through the huge maze.  Both of the two little boys loved the entire thing. 
And of course, we can't go ANYWHERE without enjoying some trains.  Even if we have a ton of them to play with at home. 
 HAS's favorite part was this crane like device which allowed the kids to turn it, load it with some of those balls for the maze, turn it and dump them into a bin.  He could NOT get enough of this toy. 
Another big favorite.  Painting on Glass that was over a white wall.  Just water and a squeegee cleaned it all off.  Still trying to talk David into putting this in the garage for the boys.  As you can see, they LOVED it. 
JMS, my 12 year old, did not find the museum to be all that entertaining :)  It was a little bit young for him, so it was NOT his favorite day. 

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