Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Family Day

We started off the morning going for a 5-mile bike ride around a lake at a local county park, Tribble Mill. We have a bike trailer that HAS loves to ride in. He loves it the most when we go down hills as fast as we can, he just giggles his head off. We adjusted his helmet, so it no longer falls in his face, and now there is nothing about riding bikes that he doesn't like. I'll say, "Let's go ride our bikes" and he'll head over to the open garage door and go out and pick up his helmet. JMS is riding so much better than he used to. His legs are stronger, so he doesn't give up on the hills nearly as often as he used to. Today, he only had to get off his bike and push once. Initially, I wasn't sure about this whole bike riding thing. I wasn't convinced that David would love it, nor was I sure how the boys would do. However, after today, I feel very strongly that this activity is something that we can do together as a family for a long time. It's also so much better on my knees than running is.

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