Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do you speak code?

We went to a summer pig roast today with some people that David works with. There were many police people there. The great part about being around all of them is that you hear so many hysterical stories. The hardest part is that every two seconds you have to ask one of them... what does that code mean? What does that signal mean? What are you talking about? They are so used to talking on the radio that they often forget that non-police people have no idea what crime they are describing in their stories.

While we were there, JMS must have gone down the large, inflatable water slide 100 times. He knows no strangers and it only took him about 2 seconds to fit right in with all of the other kids. He has a great leadership potential. HAS ran all over the place entertaining anyone that would look at him. All in all... great day.

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  1. Kristin
    Love your blog! This is so cool. I have added you to my blog list that I 'follow'. Ha ha. This is so much quicker than doing scrapbook pages. I decided to save the scrapbook for major things like vacations/holidays, etc and do the blog for little everyday adventures. =) Keep me posted on your Sept baby!