Sunday, May 24, 2009

How big is too big?

So... when I was pregnant with HAS, I gained 75 pounds. I will give a good bit of that credit to being on bedrest from 23 weeks until 35 weeks. I also didn't take many pictures, because what is there to take pictures of when you are in the hospital for 65 days? There are only so many ways you can make the walls look good enough to get into a picture. Anyway, I decided to take more pictures and hopefully gain less weight with this pregnancy. I am 24 weeks pregnant now. I went into the hospital right before I was 23 weeks pregnant with HAS? I am currently going to the doctor every 2 weeks so he can make sure I am not having the same issues I had when I was pregnant the first time. The only thing I miss about the bedrest is the fact that twice a day, I got to listen to HAS's heartbeat for an hour and I got to see pictures of him every week. I am missing that with this baby #3, name unknown.

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