Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let's go camping...

We are taking the boys tent camping tonight. The weather looks great if we can just avoid the rain. The chances are 30%, 50% and then 30%. Hopefully, it will go all around us, but not hit us. We plan to hike, ride our bikes, and play some games. We'll see how fun tent camping is with a rambunctious one year old. I'm waiting on him to fall asleep so he can get a short nap before we leave, but he's not playing that game. It's almost as if he knows that we have some exciting plans this afternoon and he is too excited to go to sleep. JMS is very excited and I can't wait to time us and see how fast we can set up camp. Here we come Dahlonega.

Mom and dad are meeting us tomorrow night, so the boys will love it and camping with my parents is always fun.

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