Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love being pregnant

I love being pregnant and what is even better about this time is my closest cousin is due about two weeks before me. We are both having boys in Septemberish. While this is certainly not a flattering picture of either of us, we did have a great time together at the cabin.

Our other two are 5 months apart. Her daughter was born almost exactly 5 months after HAS. JMS is an awesome brother and loves any young children. He loved playing and holding the baby as if she was her own. We tried to get Lisa to give her up, as we know that no Sokols will ever have a girl, but she wasn't having it. Oh, well... What can you do?!?!?

We did realize that HAS is a little jealous and doesn't like Mommy to hold and love on Babies, but hopefully that will change when the new Sokol baby gets here in September. He didn't mind being the one that gave Her the love, just as long as mommy wasn't doing it.


  1. You look great! So jealous you are having a September baby! Any names yet?

  2. We're leaning towards Logan, but not 100% sure...