Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're not always the smartest people

So, we went camping and it rained... of course... that's my luck. The chances went from 30% up to 60% and 80%. We decided to wait it out and see how things would go. We were going to try to get in our family bike ride because it wasn't supposed to rain until after lunch. We loaded the kids and bikes into the minivan and off we went. First of all, we couldn't find the trail head for the bike route. We went an hour out of our way and took our new van off-roading, but in the end we found it. We piled out of the car, loaded the bikes down with three bottles of water and four packages of crackers. It was only supposed to be a 2-3 hour ride at best. The book described the hills as steep, but short. Obviously the book that we were following and I have different opinions of short. They had apparantly never tried these "short" hills with an 8-year old without a gear bike. Needless to say we made it to the top when it said we should bear to the left at the fork. Now, keep in mind that David had an odometer on his bike, it was just in kilometers instead of miles like the guidebook. David thought we should go left (primarily because it was downhill) instead of right (uphill). The surface was described as "forest road." I didn't think we were on the right trail. We continued on while I had a sinking feeling in my gut that we were going the wrong direction. HAS, however, didn't care at all. He was in a covered bike trailer that was going downhill pretty fast. That's heaven for him. He laughed and giggled the whole time. The further we got into the ride, the more I knew we were on the wrong path. It just wasn't a Forest Road. However, David refused to turn around because it was all uphill. We crossed several rivers/creeks in which we had to disassemble the trailer from the bike and David carried all three bikes, the trailer and HAS across the river and we put them back together from there. He never quit laughing and smiling. What an Easy Baby!!!!! We finally found a hike-in campsite and crossed the river for the final time. We started out going one direction on the forest road at the same time it started pouring. I'm not talking a little bit of rain... I'm talking... POURING... HAS just keeps laughing. Meanwhile, I can't say anything to David about the rain, because he warned me that riding in the rain was my idea (which it was). We did find our way back and we had some food and water to spare. Looking back, it was great fun, but in the middle of it, it was really nerve wracking. Every time I think of this "adventure" it gets funnier and funnier.

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