Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Should I use my invisibility for Good or Evil?!?!?

We were going tubing in Helen, GA and I told David that once you locked the van, give the keys to the workers and they had a place where they stored them. David didn't feel comfortable doing this because so many of our belongings were in the car, that he decided to take the key with us down the river. If he would have told me he was set on that, I would have been able to give him some suggestions, but he instead, just ignored my suggestions.

We tube all the way down the river and as we are waiting for the bus, David realizes he lost the key to the car. The bizarre part is we locked his dad's keys in our glove compartment. The irony of it all is when we got back to the car, it wasn't even locked... except for the glove box. We paid someone $20 to break into David's dad's truck where he had an extra set of keys. I suggested that Wanda, the boys and I wait in Helen (shop and eat) while they drove back to our house to get the extra key. This would have only taken 2 hours... however,

This is a picture of very stubborn men... all four of them... no one listened to me and David's dad insisted we drive all the way to the cabin to drop us off and then they would drive back home and get the keys. This doubled the length of time of this experience. In the meantime, I was getting good and worked up thinking about where that extra key may have been and what our options would be if it wasn't at home. In the end, it all worked out and we did have the key at home, but it just begs the questions as Chandler from Friends put it, "Should I use my invisibility for good or for evil?"

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