Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Growing up...

It's hard to believe this is already the fourth week of school. Both of my boys are growing up so fast. Hunter is learning new words all over the place. Jimmy is reading the Hardy Boys and having a great year in 3rd grade. We met with Jimmy's teacher last Friday to talk about Tina (his biological mom) and the issues that he had in second grade. She couldn't believe the kid that I was describing. She said he was having an awesome year and that he is so helpful and does such great work and she is so proud of him. He showed me his writing journal and I could not believe his handwriting. He re-wrote almost everything last year because his handwriting was terrible. In his journal this year, his handwriting was immaculate. I could not believe the improvement. Mrs. Nettles really emphasizes reading which Jimmy loves, so I think that is one of the reason this year is so enjoyable for him. It is an answer to prayer that he is having such a better year.

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