Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a Love/Hate relationship

Here Murphy... how about a hug?

I'll wait until you're ready...

Here Shadrach... let me take your bowl before you are finished...

Hunter loves the dogs... loves to throw them balls, play with them, chase them, pet them, and even kiss them. He loves to get their food and give it to them and collect their bowls as soon as they finish the very last bit of food. He is a big helper... or so he thinks.

The dogs HATE Hunter. They know they are not allowed to growl or snap at him, but sometimes he plays so rough, they can't help but hate them. They view him as an antagonistic pain in the rump. They do love it when he throws the ball for them though.

Hunter loves to crawl on Shadrach and say "Giddy up" and Shadrach couldn't care less. However, when he tries this with the two smaller dogs, they hate it. He does everything with the dogs with such delight on his face and in his voice.

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