Thursday, September 3, 2009

We have different ideas of Helpful

Mom... does this help you out?!?!?

Hunter loves to help do whatever we are doing. At the grocery store, he wants to put the groceries in the back after you hand them to him. This works most of the time, except when he wants to throw the eggs on top of the bread. He doesn't always understand that some things he can't help with. When we get home, he loves to help unload the car... the downside is a lot of the bags he can't lift, so he just wants to drag them and then he is so proud of himself. Inside, he wants to help unpack the groceries, but he gets very upset if you try to take something that he has pulled out of the grocery bags and put it away... naturally, he wants to do that part too. I just hope he is this helpful in 5 years :)

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