Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kids say the darndest things...

Dandy, Murphy, and Shadrach
Every morning we let the dogs out. Well, this morning we were a little slow because LPS was up most of the night, so we asked JMS to do it. Shadrach (old, blind yellow lab) goes out when he moseys downstairs. We never worry about him b/c he doesn't have accidents in the house. Well, HAS comes in our room to get him and in his unclear annunciation of things grabs him by the collar and says "Shadrach... ousssside...Shadrach....oussssside" over and over again. Keep in mind, HAS is 30 pounds and Shadrach is 75 pounds, but he convinced he is going to get him outside :) Wish I had a picture of this to post... or even better... video :(

I also have to take credit for the fact that HAS is a little bit OCD... I can however, pass on some of that credit to my mother and grandmother who are a lot OCD. He knows exactly how he wants things and the way they should be and gets very frustrated when things are not done that way. He can't always communicate exactly what he wants at this point in the game, but he definitely knows.

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