Monday, October 26, 2009

Wish I had a camera

I have been pumping since LPS was born because he wouldn't really nurse when we first brought him home from the NICU. He is, however, starting to nurse three - four times a day. He is really picky about it and the conditions have to be just so, but it is still progress from where we were a month ago at this time.

Today, while I was rocking LPS to sleep, HAS picked up my pumping pieces and held them up to his chest as if he was pumping himself... Then, to make it easier, he put them both down, lifted his shirt with one hand and picked up one of the pumping pieces with the other hand and held it up to his tummy... I laughed so hard, causing him to laugh...

Later, he kept saying Poppy (which is what he calls my dad) so I called them and let HAS "talk" to them. He calls mom "G" which is short for Grams and he talked to her and said "G" as soon as he realized it wasn't poppy. When dad got on the phone, HAS kept saying his name and laughing hysterically over and over.

If I had only had a camera and video camera today up by my chair...

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