Saturday, April 27, 2013

#56. Go on a Bike Ride as a Family Once a Week for a Month

We love to write our bikes as a family and the two little boys are just getting to the point where they can keep up and enjoy this experience with us. We had a hysterical experience several years ago, when I was pregnant with LPS. I've attached the link to that experience for your reading pleasure. HAS is now able to ride his bike on his own, so that makes the experience even more enjoyable. LPS is still a little small, but does enjoy the bike trailer. One of these weekends, included a 34 mile bike ride down the Virginia creeper trail in Abingdon, Virginia. We did this with my extended family to celebrate my dad's retirement. LPS Rode in the trailer the entire time and loved it. HAS rode on a trail-a-bike behind me, and pedaled 32 of the 34 miles. I was so proud of him. For my boys, their favorite part of the Virginia creeper trail was probably the train the road right by the little house we rented. As we were checking this off the list, we were able to find a new trail, or new to me, that will be great to ride on in the future.

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