Monday, April 8, 2013

Sweet as Pie: Hot Fudge Pie

I love a hot fudge sundae. So, I was really looking forward to this recipe for Hot Fudge Pie. I made it for myself, my mom, my aunt (mom's twin sister), and my cousin When we had a girls weekend at the cabin. I think I must have done something wrong, because the recipe looked nothing like the pictures that I saw and the taste was not that great. I was highly disappointed, and didn't even have a second piece. I believe my mistake was that I used self rising flour instead of all-purpose flour. The chocolate and the other ingredients seem to separate while cooking. We did have one piece each, but through the rest away. I was disappointed, but might be willing to try this recipe again at home.

I made this the same night I made the Broccoli with Walnuts and it was all I could do to take any pictures.  Clearly the hot fudge pie suffered, not only in photo opportunities, but in creation as well. 

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