Monday, April 16, 2012

#87 Take the Boys Camping at Stone Mountain

Several years ago, I helped chaperon a youth camping trip to Stone Mountain with a friend of mine and really liked the campground.  There are also sooooooo many things to do inside Stone Mountain that make entertainment really easy without leaving the walls of the campground.
Entrance to the park
The campground is HUGE but very nice.
Our  campsite with the lake in the background. 
We set up on Friday night and got everything up just before it started to rain.  It stopped raining Saturday morning before we even woke up.  It was overcast but the temperature was perfect.  We hiked the mountain in the morning, went back to the campsite and had lunch and then went out for a 10 mile ride around the mountain.  Poor David also had to carry the boys (an extra 80 pounds).  Stone Mountain is a great place to ride (even though it is very hilly) and that is the main reason we got the season pass.  The two in the trailer keep saying "Daddy, go super fast," so they LOVED the hills that were there. 
And, we are leaving the campsite
We went down to the covered bridge and then back up :)

By the end of the ride, both of them were dosing off in the trailer... so precious, but it had been a BUSY day for them.  
That night, we walked around the campsite (all 470 of them) and found our favorite for the next time we go back...and we will go back.

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