Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Kool or Not Kool? White Chicken Enchiladas

So Kool or not Kool?  Kool
Picky Eater's Opinion- Kool
Future Chef's Menu- Definitely!!!

This was a little bit Labor intensive, but the flavors were great.  All of the peppers made it a little bit spicier than I like, but it was still pretty good.  
Broiling the Peppers in the Oven

Steaming the Peppers in the Bag

Love the colors that Pop from all of the peppers.  The skins came right off, just like she said they would.  It was a wonderful treat. 

Adding the Chicken to the onions and peppers in the frying pan

Frying the onions and peppers

The Final Product
I left out a few pictures that I forgot to take :(  The sauce that you pour over the enchiladas was plentiful.  So much so that I actually saved half of it to make this again, very soon.  I followed the recipe as closely as possible.  It did make a huge amount and we had leftovers, but I would make more of the filling next time because I had more than enough of the topping.  Yum!!!

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  1. This is so funny to me -- my enchiladas were flavorful but not at all spicy, and yours had kick while your pulled pork was bland. Maybe we added more kick stuff than I realized to the pork? Ah, who knows! Also, I think it's funny that you had so much extra sauce and not enough inside stuff ... we had the opposite problem! The cooking club is definitely useful for these tips, that's for sure!!