Sunday, March 3, 2013

#38 Take the Boys Skiing

David and I love to ski.  The last time we went skiing, I was pregnant with our youngest.  We noticed how great the youngest of kids were skiing and realized we wanted to start ours young.  So, we took the boys.  HAS and JMS loved it, but LPS did not.  I think part of his problem was that he is so tiny that he couldn't lift his leg at all once the boots and skis were on his feet.  All 3 of them did remarkably well.  At one point, I even took JMS and HAS to the top of the mountain and we all skied down.  It took a long time to get down, but it was fun.  It started raining in the afternoon, but the boys had a good time regardless.  LPS was done after lunch... he just couldn't do it for one more minute.  He actually needed a nap, but there wasn't a place for that.
Getting Ready to Hit the Slopes

Getting Lift Tickets

David helping HAS with his skis

Me and LPS

JMS and me on the Ski Lift

Seriously... How cute is this kid??

HAS has the same simple joy factor in his life that I do

Didn't mind falling

Love these two... even if they spent a LOT of time on the snow!!!

He was determined to carry his own skis

JMS Skiing-
 HAS Skiing-
LPS Skiing-
We had a great time and are already planning next year's trip.  We are hoping LPS weighs a little bit more and can enjoy it more. 

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