Friday, March 29, 2013

Sweet as Pie: Crockpot Cheese Tortellini

As I have mentioned a hundred times, I love pasta.  One of our recipes for the Sweet as Pie Cooking Club this month was Crock pot Cheese Tortellini.  I have also mentioned my love of a crock pot recipe.  I made two adjustments on this recipe.   First of all, I only used half the amount of cream cheese.  I make the same adjustment with my favorite mashed potatoes recipe, and the taste doesn't suffer at all (and my waistband suffers less :) ).  In addition, my boys will eat any pasta, but they struggle with any green product.  However, as a mom, I am a firm believer that green is good, so I often use the food processor to chop either spinach or kale into very small, less noticeable pieces and then I can get it mixed into almost every one of our pasta dishes.  So, rather than leave the spinach in big leaves, I chopped it into tiny pieces and they boys never complained.  That equals one happy mommy. This was very delicious and very easy- both of which are requirements for me to add meals to the meal rotation in my house.  Also, everyone liked it... one more requirement.  This means I will make this again.
Browning the Sausage

The Food Processor FILLED with spinach, that was about to be chopped into tiny pieces!

These are the sausages that I used
Add everything to the crock pot and let it cook... have I mentioned how much I love a crock pot recipe?

One dish of Cheese Tortellini                                 

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