Monday, February 27, 2012

#23. Organize the Shed once and for All

The shed is one of those projects that needed to be tackled 4 years ago.  There were things in there from when we moved into the house that needed to be thrown away, but instead of taking the time to gut it and start from scratch, we just kept adding things to the inside of the shed until it looked like the following: 

So, Sunday was a GORGEOUS day, so the boys played in the backyard while we made the shed look like this. 

Those boxes on the top shelf are all of David's police files that need to be shredded and then we will have even more room :)  We pulled out everything and got rid of old paint, old shingles, and old supplies that are no longer able to be used (even if we wanted to).  Many hours later, David hung up some shelves and we rearranged things so that now, it looks like this:

There are still a few things to get rid of, but overall, it looks awesome and I am so THRILLED to have it done.  We still have to find an easy way to hang the play pool for the kids to cool off in the summer.  Suggestions?! :) 


  1. Doesn't it feel good to get something done like that! If your shed has rafters, that might be a place to put the awkward pool. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh my gosh... feels soooooo good... I have many more projects to go :)