Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Kool or Not Kool? The Marlboro Man Sandwich

So Kool or Not Kool?  Kool, but not So- Kool
Picky Eater's Verdict?  Sooooo- Kool

I have 3 boys and a husband.  Of those... three are carnivores, but my youngest, LPS is a vegetarian.  He is not that way because of us, but he will not eat any meat, nor will he try any meat. Somehow, he knows that it is meat before he even tries it.  Needless to say, LPS had hummus bread and avocado for dinner.  While, he won't eat meat, he will eat those two things. 
The Marlboro Man Sandwich is a very easy recipe to make.  I made two slight adjustments to the recipe.  One alteration I made is that I did not cook the bread the way that she suggested.  I broiled it in the oven.  Next time, I would try to do it the way she suggested.  We were running very late for dinner and my kids normally go to be shortly after dinner, so I wanted the bread to be done as soon as the meat was done.  In addition, I also cut the butter by half in each of the different parts of the recipe.  The flavor was amazing, so I would reduce the butter all over again :) 
My husband LOVED this sandwich and ate the leftovers IMMEDIATELY the next day.  The meat was very tasty and you definitely want to make sure that you get some of the remaining juice on the sandwich.  I liked the sandwich, but it was not my favorite.  In addition, the next time, I may have to try her variation of the sandwich, which adds a little bit more vegetables to it. 

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