Monday, February 6, 2012

My "Young" Mom

My mom is one of the Best People in my life.  She makes me laugh at her and at myself.  She is so spunky and energetic that going with an "Over the Hill" themed birthday, didn't seem appropriate at all.  My grandparents took her and her twin sister to Myrtle Beach for the week (along with their spouses).  In order to surprise them for their birthday, I flew in from Atlanta, my sister drove in from Charlotte, my cousin drove from Raleigh, and my other cousin flew in from Denver.  We hid in the closet and surprised the heck out of my mom and aunt. 
There has been many laughs amongst our family and friends over the names of the identical twins.  When I called the bakery, they even got a chuckle out of the names.  They thought I was kidding :) 
My grandparents (who also look awesome... he will be 82 in April and she will be 80 in August).  My mom is on the left and my aunt Connie is on the right. 
My niece is helping my mom and my cousins daughter is helping my aunt blow out the 60 candles.  I opted to make it a child free weekend :)  My sister and I got my mom a locket that had pictures of all of her grandkids in it.  We also had friends and family write her letters that we gave her as "60 years of Memories."  We laughed so hard as she read them aloud. 

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