Saturday, February 25, 2012

#40 Have dessert for dinner… For the entire family

I am super excited about my day today :)  We actually get to cross two things off of my 101 things list.  We went to the circus today (will post more about that later) and we had dessert for dinner immediately after that.  I had purchased 4 Living Social Deals to Yogli Mogli (a frozen yogurt place that we love), so we decided to go there after the circus and make that our dinner.  Normally, when we go for ice cream, we get two big bowls and share them amongst the five of us.  However, since it was for dinner (and it was a great deal :) ) each of the boys got to get their own and exactly what they wanted.  They loved it and I loved the sweet smiles on each of their faces.
HAS had chocolate yogurt with strawberries
LPS had peach yogurt with kiwi, strawberries and a few M&M's
JMS enjoyed his yogurt with Grandma
I figured that if we were going to have dessert for dinner... frozen yogurt is the one of the healthiest versions :)  For myself personally, this is a habit I could make into a routine!!!

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