Monday, February 13, 2012

#83 Have the Boys Make Their Own Valentines

Due to the discovery of Pinterest, I thought this would be a fairly easy task.  I have pinned several Valentines ideas, but these are the ones we used this year.  It involved a Tic-Tac-Toe Board and some Tic Tacs (orange and white).  HAS was a great age for this because He counted out all the Tic Tacs for all of the "friends" in his class.  I was also so pleased because he recognized EVERY student's name in his entire class. 
HAS put stickers on all of the Valentines.  He really enjoyed this part, although from the look below, he looks less than thrilled!
The final product for HAS's Class
JMS did 2 different Valentines... He did the one above for half of his friends and he did one that he made by himself Playing on "You're so Kool" using Kool-aid.  I can't believe he is already in 5th grade :(  Where is time going?!?!?

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