Monday, March 12, 2012

#48 Sign Jimmy up for a Cooking Class

As I have mentioned before, JMS loves to cook.  LOVES. IT!!! (which is even more awesome, considering I am not a huge fan :) )  As much as JMS loves to cook, I LOVE a good bargain.  Two weeks ago, there was a deal on the website SweetJack (similar to Groupon) for a Kid's Cooking Class for 50% off.... ahhhhh... all is right in the world.  I snagged one right away (and now wished I had purchased more).  We printed off their menu and let JMS pick which week he wanted to go based on the recipe they were making.  He chose this past Saturday where they were making J Lo's Enchiladas to Go and Gordan Ramsey's Hot Chocolate Fondant.  I was not sure if it would be too basic for him or not considering he spends a lot of time in the kitchen and there are already several things that he knows how to do.  He LOVED it and I am so thrilled we gave him a chance to do it.  I just wish there was one closer to our house, because I may have signed him up for summer camp there... but 30 miles to too far to drive one way in Atlanta traffic :( 
Getting Ready to Get our Cook on!!!
The Kitchen at Young Chef's Academy
Our Handsome chef with his Apron On!!!
Enjoying the Toils of his hard work

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