Saturday, June 3, 2017

Day 11- June 3- Fiery Furnace

For our second day in Arches, we did the Fiery Furnace Tour.  This only takes 14 people and mom and dad got the tickets for us on Tuesday.  It was the earliest they had available.  
The other thing that always makes you curious out here is to wonder who initially climbed through all of the rocks.  This is the trail head with all of the mountains and rocks in view.
This was the perfect hike for the boys because there were all of these narrow crevices where you had to wedge yourself through and tricky rocks you had to navigate.  
Below is one of the only wide walkways we had during the hike. 

The guide was also very engaging with my boys who love to have a conversation with an adult.  They asked all kinds of questions and for a brief moment when we were walking single file even had a monopoly on his time.

This arch is called Lost Arch.
After we spent the morning doing the Fiery Furnace tour, we headed out to Sand Dune Arch and had a picnic lunch before we went over to Broken Arch.  There are over 2000 arches in the National Park.

This one is named because when you look up at the arch from underneath, it looks like it has been broken at the top of the arch.
We had hoped to hike to Skyline Arch, but it was closed due to the Road Construction.  

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