Monday, June 26, 2017

Day 34- June 26- Iceberg Lake

We drove up to the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park and decided to do the Iceberg Lake hike. This was 9.8 miles round-trip. Did I mention that my kids and my husband are troopers?

As I have mentioned before, it appears that Glacier is in peak wildflower season. Here's a look at a ton of the bear grass that was growing on our hike – you can also see some other small wild flowers along the way. It was gorgeous as we hiked through the valley.

We made it to the Ptarmigan Falls which were about halfway before we sat down and had our snack. This Colombian ground squirrel decided to join us and almost called right up on my mom's lap for his snack.

You can see all the wildflowers.

This hike was hot because it was in the sun – but being in the sun means that you have a wide-open view of the beautiful mountains on multiple sides of your location.
My boys may be over the picture taking :-)
We had to cross over snow multiple times. Because it was so hot, we picked up snow and rubbed it on the back of our necks in order to cool down.
Iceberg lake was absolutely gorgeous and primarily still covered in ice. We were amazed at the number of people that were hiking a 10 mile trail. Typically on a longer trail like this, you do not find this many people.
We ate lunch at the lake and then Logan decided to see if he could stand the temperatures as he stood it up to his knees.
We managed to get a somewhat decent picture on the self timer of the camera.
The downside to the lake having so many icebergs still in it was the fact you cannot see the blue of the lake.
The boys thought one of the biggest downfalls of the icebergs in the lake was that they could not skip rocks.

Check out these views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.
In case you were wondering – it is much harder to hike down hill through snow than uphill. That is primarily because the top layer turns to slush and is very slippery and it is hard to get a good grip as you hike downward.
This is the view once you get up the trail a little bit of a different lake.

Up close Bear Grass. It starts blooming from the bottom and finishes when there is nothing point in sticking out of the top.

Oh how my heart longs to live in Montana!!!!!!!

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