Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Day 29- June 21- Edith Cavell and Maligne Canyon

What's with all the signs in the morning – we were hoping to see either of these animals! We did not see any Caribou.

We started off or morning at the Maligne Canyon – this is where we found the first set of red chairs. They have placed seven sets of red chairs in beautiful viewing points throughout Jasper national Park as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the view.
We spent the next part of the day driving out to Mount Edith Cavell. You currently have to have a permit in order to access Edith Cavell and they're only allowing 180 people in per day.
I had read an article label the 25 best hikes in Alberta Canada and this hike was number one.
The majority of this 4 mile hike was completely in snow – by that I do not mean we were hiking over snow, I mean it was currently snowing.
It was gorgeous and majestic – but snowy and cold nonetheless.

We saw this beautiful glacier and a good bit of marking of the Caribou – but no caribou itself.

When we got to the top – the view that we were supposed to be able to see – we were unable to see due to the heavy amounts of snow.
These Georgia boys did like to see some snow though :-)
We did not see any Caribou on this hike – but we did see this hoary marmot.
After our very cold hike at Edith Cavell (one of the highest peaks in the park) – we headed over to Maligne Canyon to walk along the deepest Canyon in all of Canada.

The boys were done in after all the hiking over the past day or so.

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