Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 18 – June 10 – Apgar look out

We got to this trail early in the morning and knew it was going to be a tough hike. It was an 1850 foot elevation change in weather that looks iffy – but we trekked on anyway.

On the way up we saw this beautiful plant called Bear Grass.
And this one called Indian paintbrush.
Rain taunted us often on the entire journey up and back down. My watch told me it was 4 miles up and 4 miles back down. It did not clear up entirely while we were at the top, but we did have the entire top to ourselves for this great view. It would've been nicer if the sun was out.
Every time we are climbing up during a hike, I always remind the boys how much more fun it will be going down – and how much easier :-)
This man would follow me through fire – he follows almost every crazy whim that I ever have. I am so blessed to have him.
I love it when the two of them are not fighting and are just pointing out everything beautiful that God has to offer.

We saw a buck mule deer on our way up and two on the way down. This one got within 5 feet of us before ducking into the shrubs.

Near the top we saw a Blue grouse – which is a unique type of bird that puffs up when it feels threatened.  This one had a very unique marking on its neck (as do all of the male blue grouse).

Another one of the mule deer.

Once we were done with the 8 mile hike, we rewarded the boys with ice cream.
We ate dinner and played games by Lantern light. I am loving every minute of this trip. I am not sure I am coming home :)
We were having heating issues with the camper using only propane – so they bundled up after their showers and giggled until their hearts were content.

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