Thursday, June 29, 2017

Day 37 - June 29- Leaving Glacier

When we left the west side of Glacier two weeks ago, we were bummed because the Going-To-The-Sun Road was not open yet.  We had hoped that it would open up before our trip to the east side.  After all, we had the week of the reunion and the week in Canada.  It was still not open when we arrived here, but finally opened up yesterday while we were in Waterton.  

We planned to drive up to Logan Pass this morning and see the beautiful views from up there.  We had talked about hiking Hidden Lake, but someone told David that the lake was still entirely frozen over.  We walked out on the trail about 200 yards looking for Mountain Goats but had no such luck.  

Here are some of the views from the Going-to-the-Sun Road.  We loved these views of the clouds below the mountains.
This was the view at the top of Logan Pass.  The entire Hidden Lake trail is out on Snow.

There is a wall there known as the Weeping Wall because there is constantly water running down it from the ice and snow melting further up the mountain.
We stayed in Harlowton, MT last night at a City Park.  The weather was perfect and the sites were fine.  You could choose to have electric or not and paid on the honor system.  In this picture, it is hard to see the rodeo arena in the background.  They were preparing for the 100th anniversary of the county rodeo and I was sad that we were going to miss it.  I love the small town feel.
I really need to move-  I was designed to live out here with huge open spaces and lots of fresh air.  Maybe I should visit for a long period of time in winter before I move though.  

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