Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 26- June 18- Lake Louise

We were going to do the Johnston Canyon hike today, but the area was closed due to the Banff marathon. I wish I would've known about this so that I could've at least run the 10K. Due to the area closure – we decided to go on up to the lake Louise area and spend the day up there.
You truly cannot imagine how clear this lake is when you were standing next to it and how beautifully green it is when you get a little bit higher.

Here are my little angels are standing on the lake shore and you can see some people who have rented canoes in the background.

Look how green that water is.

We walked 2 kilometers along the lake shore until we got to the end.

It was there that we begin the hike to Six glacier Tea house.  We knew that part of the trail was going to be covered with avalanche damage – but we could not get over how much of the trail have been covered with avalanche damage. That did not stop us from making the hike and trekking through the snow/slush.

This view was behind us as we were hiking upward.
Logan made a friend with the Chipmunks.
When we got up to the tea house, there was an outhouse and the tea house.

We ordered 2 cups of hot chocolate and a British tea cake – which was similar to a cinnamon roll.
From our view – we could see where the people who worked at the tea house stayed during their five days of working. They did not track in and out every day – they just stayed out there. No electricity, no running water, no Internet or cell coverage!
From there, we took the Highline Trail over towards the Lake Agnes tea house.
This is some of the avalanche damage.
We are so thankful that we took this trail because it gave us the most beautiful views of Lake Louise. The higher up you are, the more beautiful the lake looks.
This is one of the birds that we saw – I believe it is called a nut hatch.
This is the lake Agnes tea house.
This is the view of Lake Agnes – which still had many frozen ice patches in it. We saw some people hiking in shorts and a T-shirt and thought that they were a little bit insane as we were hiking in long pants, under armor type of warm shirts, and a sweatshirt and we're still chilly.
We saw this beautiful bird also, but I have to wait until I get with my mother and look at her bird book until I can identify it :-)
My precious little Logan in front of like Agnes.

This waterfall was rushing down from Lake Agnes towards mirror Lake.
Mirror Lake was unbelievably clear. We had a good bit of cloud coverage so we were unable to see the reflections in mirror Lake.
None of the three boys ever waste a moment's opportunity to try to skip a rock across a lake.
Have I mentioned how beautiful lake Louise is?
You can tell from this picture that the boys were over having their picture taken.

After stopping to grab a quick bite to eat, we headed over to Yoho national Park. Someone at Capitol reef had suggested that we visit Yoho and see Takakkaw falls. We did see a mountain goat and a black bear on our way over to the Falls – but the road up to the Falls it was closed. We were however able to see the confluence where the Yoho River met the Kicking Horse River.  You can see in the picture where the Kicking Horse River was green and the Yoho River was clear.  It was awesome.
We saw the sign for mountain goats. Unfortunately, we did not see any mountain goats in this area.
We had decided to come back and take a picture of the Banff sign sign the next day because stopping was easier without the camper. We were glad read we decided to stop because we saw a park ranger on the side of the road carrying a paintball gun.
The park ranger was carrying the paintball gun in case she needed to scare off the mama grizzly bear that we were able to say.
All in all – it was a great day of hiking and I am unbelievably impressed with Hunter and Logan. Both of them hiked 9.96 miles today and did most of it without complaining! David and I say all the time how blessed we are that we are able to do these hikes with our kids

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