Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 33- June 25- Waterfalls

Our main slide stopped working while we were in Jasper, so we made arrangements with a local man to come and look at it when we were at St. Mary's in East glacier.  David spent the morning dealing with that well my parents, the boys and I all rode our bikes down to the visitor center. Check out some of the beautiful views on our drive down.

After David and the camper repair man, who we will call Randy, finalized all of their work – then we all headed out on a hike to St. Mary's waterfalls and Virginia falls.  Due to not being able to find a parking spot at the St. Mary Falls Trail head – we headed down to a different trail head and also got to see Bering falls. At the base of this Falls – this precious little buck deer was standing there with 15 to 20 people around him. He proceeded to wade out of the water and up into the brush and back into the woods, but did not seem to mind all of the people that were standing there staring at him.

This was Bering Falls – the least interesting of the three.
After we saw Bering falls, we hiked along the lake shore of Saint Mary's lake. The weather was perfect here and you could see the turquoise color of the lake. If the sun is not out – the color of the lake actually looks much darker and much grayer.

It also appears to be peak wildflower season here in glacier.

The next waterfalls that we came to was St. Mary's falls. This was really unique because it was very loud when you were right on top of it, but right before and right after it, you could hardly hear it.

There were some small little waterfalls along the way from St. Mary's falls up to Virginia falls. 

Last time we were here, in 2014, this is about where we stopped on our way up to Virginia falls. The boys were younger and we're not quite as good at hiking as they are now.

Virginia Falls is only 0.7 miles past St. Mary's falls and we were not sure whether or not we were going to continue because we were getting close to dinner. We were really glad we did because Virginia Falls was absolutely spectacular.

As you stood there on the rocks – you could feel the mist of the waterfalls. It was quite refreshing after a hot hike.
The boys were even stoked to see a small rainbow over the falls falls after the second small drop.

When we got back to the campsite – everything that mom and I said out to eat as a pre-dinner snack was snarfed up immediately. As soon as mom sat down these bananas with peanut butter, the kids surrounded her and started chowing down. It was like animals at feeding time at the zoo.
We saw the hummingbird perched in a tree near our campsite.

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