Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Day 15- June 7- Stanley, Idaho

This morning, we left Bellevue as early as humanly possible. We were excited to continue our drive to Stanley Idaho.  
The boys were super excited to see some snow.

As we drove through the area – David and I found several locations where we thought we should buy land and set up a home :-)  My grandfather talked about buying a ranch here years ago and we totally understand why.
If I ever win the lottery, I will move here immediately with this amazing man.
This past winter, the northwest had what they referred to as a "100 year snow". Now that summer is arriving, they are having warm temperatures much earlier than expected which is causing all of the snow to melt at a rapid pace and therefore causing lots of flooding in Idaho area.
After visiting the ranger station, we realize that several of the things we had wanted to do were not going to be possible. We had a few hikes that we had wanted to do, but due to the snow, the trails are closed. We had hoped to hike up to Alpine Lake but there are still 2 feet of snow up there. So, the lady at the visitor center told us that the boys could Fish at the fish hatchery. So we headed over to the fish hatchery where the boys were provided with both fishing poles and nightcrawlers.
We did see this beautiful bird while we were fishing.
The boys did have to learn that fishing is a game of patience. They seemed to enjoy it – even though they didn't catch anything. They both did have a nibble or two, but were unable to real anything in.

We saw this little guy on our way back to the campsite.
The Salmon River was flowing very close to our campsite. Everywhere that we saw the Salmon River – it was well over it's edges.
This was the first night we were able to have a campfire and we enjoyed making dinner over a campfire – and of course, that means Smores.
After dinner, David went up to get gas and saw an eagle flying overhead. He rushed back to grab us from the campsite (more to grab the camera than us) and we all went out for an eagle hunt – to no avail. When we got back to the campground, the boys and I taught David how to play Settlers of Catan. The newbie won the game :-(

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