Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 12-- June 4- Capitol Reef

We love driving to Utah – it is different than most states because there are not many mountains, or valleys – just huge rock formations that are beautiful, particularly when the sun hits them just right. Utah's motto, "Utah rocks!" is the perfect motto for them.

As soon as we arrived in the park, we headed straight for the campground. We knew that this was a first come first serve campground and we wanted a site. We arrived around 10:30 AM and were able to snag one of the last sites available. Fortunately, we snagged the best site because the people in front of us who were staying at that same site were just leaving. After that, we headed to the visitor center to determine which type we were going to do. We settled on sulfur Creek.  We had a few hesitations about this hike because we were starting at 1 PM and it was a 5 mile hike. In addition to that, whenever we were finished with the hike, one of us had to go back and get the car which was either going to be a 3 mile walk or a bike ride.  We could figure that part out later!
When we heard the description of this hike, we thought it was perfect for our family. It was similar to the Narrows that we hiked in Zion a few years ago which was one of our favorites. There is a creek that runs between canyon walls and the hike is done in the creek. You can avoid most of the water by jumping from rock to rock on the side – which is what I did. You can tell from the pictures below how much the boys enjoyed this type of bike.

When we finished the hike, David decided to walk back to get the truck. Fortunately, about half a mile in, a kind young man offered to give him a ride back to his truck. This felt great after the hike that we had just completed. Meanwhile, the boys and I started back to the campground and were thankful that we had gotten the site before we started the hike when we saw this sign that said the campground was full.

On a 1 mile walk back to the camper, we saw a mule deer, the cool tree below, rabbits, and prairie dogs. My boys love to see wildlife! We also happen to see David and met him at the Gifford house in order to have a small ice cream treat before dinner. Unfortunately, they were out of cinnamon rolls which they are famous for.
After dinner, we enjoyed a game of Kan-Jam where Hunter was the first one to sink a Frisbee while he was practicing. You'll be happy to know that later during the first game of the night, I also sunk a Frisbee to give Logan and I the victory.

Notice the mule deer behind Hunter.  They just strolled through during our game!

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